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This threads moves a discussion from the core contributors mailing list, about how to better plann and coordinate our work. This is meant to make the discussion public, and allow everyone to contribute to it.

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Since we agree that it would be good to experiment with sprints for core contributors, and that scheduling a dedicated sprint planning meeting would be a good first step – let’s do that.

Here is a survey to find a time for next week:

With the approach of the holidays, next week is the last week which will allow us to plan for a decent 2-weeks sprint.

To core contributors: please fill the survey with your availability, by the end of tomorrow Wednesday (Dec 1st) - this way it will give time to collect the results and announce it by the end of the current week, ahead of next week’s meeting.

Note that this work (sprint planning, task allocation for the release) is part of the scope from the declaration of commitment for core contributors, which have been agreed by all our respective organizations – so to be able to prioritize time for this (vs other internal/client projects from our organizations), don’t hesitate to point to that commitment to get the time allocated - that is part of why we made sure all our bosses agreed on this. :slight_smile:

Details about the first sprint

For this first iteration, we’ll be focusing on planning technical work related to the upcoming Maple release, which is currently a high priority for the project, and is lacking enough contributions at the moment.


@antoviaque I will for sure attend the meeting and have filled out my availability. I’m happy to represent tCRIL, at least for the time being.

On points of who should join - I do believe by and large the Translation CCs are meeting and discussing their efforts as part of the Transifex WG. I’m not sure they need to attend this meeting as well as their efforts are already coordinated. Perhaps it could make sense for a representative to attend, either from the WG or from tCRIL (particularly, @ehuthmacher is involved from the tCRIL side, and there may be another good rep for future meetings who I won’t call out).

@ali_hugo has just joined the program and I’m not sure there’s anything on her plate affecting Maple particularly, but in general her attendance at this meeting would be great as it would help dev CCs be able to get access to a UX-er.

It would be great to have an edX team member join this, whether it’s @nedbat , @djoy , or another nominee.

Thanks for setting this up!

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Thanks to everyone who has already answered the poll! I’m pinging the few remaining people who haven’t answered it yet, and we should hopefully be able to figure out a date&time tomorrow. In the meantime, you can see the poll results.

@sarina Yup, it would be good to have at least a representative of each type of core contributor present – this would be important to be able to discover what we do across the different teams, and coordinate projects that need multiple types of contributions.

Though ideally having the whole gang would be nice, at least for this kickoff sprint – this would give us an occasion to meet each other, become aware of what we all do, and see how we want to approach this going forward? Then things could split off to different meetings depending on the type of contribution in the future, but the intent is for sprints to be done and synchronized across all core contributors.

I love this idea. I understand the need for focusing on one topic and also reducing the number of meetings one would have to attend, mentioned by other members. If refining the Contributor’s Meetup would make that possible, I’d love to participate and contribute.

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Hi @antoviaque
I’m keen to join the first sprint planning session. @sarina is right; I’m not working on anything for Maple (in fact, I’m not even sure what it is :wink: ), but it will be good to meet everyone and get a feel for where I could contribute.

I’ve selected my available time slots. Thanks for the ping!

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Sprint planning meeting time

Thank you for all the answers! I think we have a clear winner for the best slot to do this next week - the first sprint planning meeting will be on Friday December 10th at 2pm UTC.

(There are a few of us for whom the availability won’t match - in which case can you find another core contributor to represent you – like your workgroup chair for example --, and still post the update described below?)

Posting our update (async, by Tuesday)

To make sure we maximize our synchronous time together next week, it’s going to be important to prepare this ahead of time, asynchronously. Could you post the following elements, as a reply below in the current thread?

  • An update about your core contributor work: what you have worked on in previous months, what you are working on now, and what tasks you would like to take for the upcoming sprint (Dec 10-24)
  • A list of anything that is blocking you.

To have time to sort out any issues/questions before the meeting, if you could post that update here by the end Tuesday (December 7th), that would help making sure we could figure out issues ahead of time, and have an efficient meeting on Friday.

Picking task(s) for the sprint

For what to pick for the upcoming sprint, we’ll be focusing on the Maple release, so pick tasks related to it as much as possible. But it will still be good to hear about what you’re doing even if it isn’t related.

Make sure there is a ticket created for your somewhere, and assigned to you – here is a list of boards where you can pick or create issues (you can also ask the working group you’re involved in if you’re unsure what to pick, or reply here – also make sure the task is small enough to be finished within the sprint, splitting it as necessary):

(Any board missing? if so, comment with a URL, and I’ll add it here)


If you have any comments/suggestions about the approach for organizing this sprint, don’t hesitate – I picked a specific way, in order to be able to do a first sprint quickly for Maple, and to have something to comment & iterate over. But that’s not meant to be the final word on how we’ll keep doing this. If you have any comment or changes you’d like to see for the next iteration (or even this one if there is time), don’t hesitate! That’s what this is for, it’s just a MVP. :slight_smile:

I’ll prepare an agenda next week, so also don’t hesitate if there is anything you’d like to make sure is on it.

Joining the meeting

I’m also sending a calendar invite now to all core contributors. Community members who aren’t core contributors (yet?) are also welcome to join, meet and pick up tasks with us :slight_smile: The meeting will be held at the following URL: Launch Meeting - Zoom . I’ll also post the recording afterwards.


Yup, definitely! We’ll need to do a round of feedback gathering from the first iteration, to incorporate the changes for the next round. We started simple, so this time we have a single meeting for all, but that’s a point of feedback that makes sense to act on for the second sprint. If you would like to help with this, that would be really helpful! Maybe a first step would be to liaise with all the working group chairs/leads, to see how we would integrate this for the different teams? It might make sense to do this after we’ve had the first sprint planning meeting, so that first experience (and its inevitable shortcomings :slight_smile: ) are known and fresh in mind?

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You still seems to be living in Novembar, that is okay I had a simlair mistake today. But you had it two in places here and the mail list :grin: humm…

Anyway thanks for the initiative will try to write some update by Dec 7

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An update about your core contributor work: what you have worked on in previous months, what you are working on now

I have been working on:

what tasks you would like to take for the upcoming sprint (Dec 10-24)

It will be only a half-sprint for me due to the Christmas holiday.

I’ll be working on:

  • A list of anything that is blocking you.

I don’t have any blockers at the moment.

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@ghassan Good catch! It is indeed on December 10th, not November 10th ;p I’ve edited my post above - thank you.

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What I have been working on:

  • Django 3.2 update
  • Developing a tutor plugin for the forum/discussion/

Stuff I am currently working on:

  • Documentation i18n
    I have this PR which generate transfiex config file for some doc projects. We will push the resources to transifex today (me and @Eden_Huthmacher). So that translators then would be able to translate the docs.

  • Fix an issue about sending bulk emails raised here and I have a PR here to propose a fix.
    TL;DR: about the issue, it’s just about adding a new exception that might be raised by google/SMTP.
    It would be great if someone can take a look at it, also I would be glad if someone can guide me through the testing here. I think I need to get my head around those tests.

  • Maple testing:
    Have been testing Maple, in order to upgrade tutor-forum plugin

  • Frontend-working group:
    Have been attending a few meetings. Trying to get my head around the working mechanism and sometimes documents stuff I find interesting or valuable.

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I recently became a core contributor, and it took me a while to ramp up contributions.

An update about your core contributor work: what you have worked on in previous months, what you are working on now

I have been working on:

what tasks you would like to take for the upcoming sprint (Dec 10-24)

It will also be only a half-sprint for me due to the end of year holidays.
I’ll start working on:

If I end up with free time, I’ll help with:

  • Maple release testing/fixes
  • Answer community questions on Discuss/Slack
  • A list of anything that is blocking you.

No blockers for CC work.

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@braden @ghassan @giovannicimolin Thank you!

For my update:

The things I contributed to recently:

  • Helping to build and organize the core contributors program: things like this sprint planning, the declaration of commitment, etc.
  • Writing a course about upstreaming, organizing and involving other open source communities in it (to reach out for contributors outside of Open edX)
  • Moderating the Open edX official forums
  • Participating to the contributors meetup
  • community-wg#43 - Organizing and debriefing the first core contributors sprint & planning meetings
    • Including ensuring OpenCraft contributes a fair share of the work for the Maple release
  • community-wg#49 - Organizing the upstreaming onboarding course remote work session
    • Including finishing to draft the content for the modules of the upstreaming onboarding course that I’m responsible for
  • community-wg#50 - Moderating the Open edX forum
  • Participating to the contributors meetup

Blocker: A lot of the updates for the core contributors are currently missing - so I’m going to chase for those. :slight_smile: CC @Zia_Fazal @jill @Felipe @omar @pdpinch @regis @idegtiarov @arbrandes @Maksim_Sokolskiy @BbrSofiane @Agrendalath @xitij2000 @jhony_avella @mtyaka @abstract-technology @Nicole_Kessler @gabrieldamours @Peter_Koblyakov @juancamilom @cabralpedrofccn @IvoBranco @Carolina_De_Mares @Andreas_Grahn @Ilaria_Botti @nizar @ali_hugo

@sarina @e0d @nedbat @djoy I know you’re currently not core contributors, but would you like to post an update too? It could be useful to know what you’re up to :slight_smile:

  • Forum moderation
  • Answering community questions on the forum and/or slack
  • Hosting and recapping the contributor’s meetup

At the moment, I’m dealing with some mental capacity issues, personally. So I would not like to pick-up anything additional.

For now, I’d like to continue with my recurring work mentioned earlier, forum moderation, hosting and recapping the contributor’s meetup, and helping out on slack and/or forum.

It’s not a blocker mainly, but the contributor’s meetup is during the Open edX Virtual Event on December 14. Finding a different time for it would be disruptive to most contributors.

So I’m wondering if the next meetup should instead be Tuesday December 28, or since most members might not be available during that time of the year, Tuesday January 11.

I need more input on this as this decision isn’t only mine to make.

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Oh, good point, thank for noticing this @nizar. It might be worth checking for conflicts like that next time we organize a virtual event, the contributor meetup is indeed quite difficult to reschedule.

Imho, moving it to December 28th would probably not be worth it, I agree with you that most people will be on vacation. Cancelling two in a row would be too bad though, as then we wouldn’t have it for more than a month. Maybe we could move it by one week, and have the next meeting on December 21st? Then keep it every two weeks from that, which would avoid the week between Christmas and New Year?

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2021 Past work:

Current work:

Planned work:

  • Wrapping up PRs for BD-13 and helping with hand over to new project owner.
  • Continue work on MOOC-FLOSS.
  • Continue replying to forum posts.
  • Review/contribute to BTR#121
  • Many of the BTS issues blocking Lilac/Maple are ecommerce issues, but there are no core committers on the ecommerce repo. Could one or two be added there?
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Yeah! That’s a great point.

That sounds like an amazing suggestion! Before I move forward with this, I’ll need to check if there are any other meetups happening that would conflict with it. If there are none, I’ll update that event.

Moving it to December 21st would require having a contributor’s meetup on Tuesday January 4, which isn’t an ideal date.

So, I’m in favor of keeping the meetup after on Tuesday January 11, and then every two weeks from that. It would ensure more people are back from their vacations.

This would only “disrupt” the next meeting, and not the recurring events after.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


That sounds good :+1: I’d love to help with that!

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I have been working on

  1. adding video_complete event in event-routing-backneds

  2. Ability to add plugin context and plugin templates in LMS instructor dashboard

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