Core Contributor Nomination: Cassie Zamparini

As per the New Core Contributor Nomination Process , I would like to nominate @Cassie to be a core contributor in the Product manager UX/UI CC role.

@Cassie has been active in the Marketing Working Group since 2022, but will be shifting to the Product working group to focus more on UX/UI, which is her specialty.

On the Marketing side, she worked with @e0d , @Eden_Huthmacher and @Michelle_Philbrick on:

  • Open edX Conference Branding 2022 and 2023
  • Event Marketing Kit for Open edX

And she’s currently working on the Open edX 2022 Impact Report (essentially the annual report).

Her Product contributions so far are:

  • Leading the project to develop a new theme AGPL-licensed theme for Open edX, a project which is resuming this month.
  • Reviewing UI/UX for @ali_hugo on the Modular Learning project.

And she wants to get more involved on the UI/UX side of Product development.

References to @Cassie 's work includes:

As part of OpenCraft, Cassie will commit to contributing 20h/month.

This voting period will be active over the next 2 weeks (closing on 24/4).


I’ve worked closely with @Cassie for many years and think she’d be an invaluable asset to the community! I’d love to work with her on improving the user-friendliness of the Open edX product, as well as making the Community more accessible to non-technical members.

She gets my vote :100: %!


I’ve worked with Cassie for a year now on several different projects, and she would be an awesome addition to the CCs! She’s so talented and pleasant to work with. Her work is top notch and would definitely be an asset. 100% yes!


Cassie has my vote as well. I have worked with her in the context of the Marketing WG and event planning activities. She is committed to driving results and very detailed in her work. She will be a great fit for the CC program!


[Seeking Information]

If I’m understanding this correctly, the portfolio provided for Cassie is UI/UX and Marketing focused, not Product focused. The Product Manager guidelines request that Product CCs provide a portfolio of product related work.

I’m probably missing something here, but it seems like Marketing CC or UI/UX CC would be more appropriate?

@Cassie definitely has my vote for becoming a core contributor! She is always doing outstanding work, and the Open edX project stands to benefit greatly from further involvement from her :slight_smile:

@sarina I’ll let @Cassie answer about the role she wants to apply for, but @Cassie note that in any case you can start with a given role, and extend/exchange it later on, if some requirements are missing during the initial application.

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Thanks everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@sarina I think it makes most sense to apply as a UX/UI CC. I’d like to keep in the loop of what’s happening in product though - so perhaps joining the Product Working Group calls would make most sense to start with :slight_smile:

@Cassie makes sense to me - we’d absolutely love more participation in the Product WG!

For Core Contributor nominations, your previous work should demonstrate that you’ve earned your role in an area (so for example, coding CCs provide links to multiple merged pull requests in their repos of focus to showcase they’re ready for that responsibility). I’d recommend you provide links to concrete examples of your work, so that people (like me!) who haven’t had the opportunity to work with you can familiarize themselves with a sampling of your work so far.

@Cassie It’d be great to have you involved in the Product Working Group! Ali has spoken very highly of you, and I’d be thrilled to become more familiar with your work.

To echo Sarina, your work on the AGPL-licensed theme and the UI/UX work on Modular Learning seems to fit well with the UI/UI and/or Marketing roles. And/but, that certainly doesn’t preclude you from getting more involved in the Product group and expanding into that role in the future!


@jill could you update the title/description of this thread with the role (Marketing, UI/UX, or both) that Cassie is seeking? Could you add some links, too, to her work?

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Ah yes, that makes sense! I’ve updated this nomination to UI/UX CC, and added some links.

@cassie Are there any more we should add?

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@jill I think UI/UX and Marketing is good :slight_smile:

@sarina I’m just putting together a few links to a portfolio of work, and will send it before the week is up.

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I wholeheartedly support Cassie’s nomination :slight_smile: Her work is thorough and rigorous – and she’s a very creative, kind, and dedicated member of our community!


Hi @sarina and @jmakowski,

Here is a link to a few projects I put together. Here are direct links to:

Not Open edX related work but here’s a link in case you’d like to see more of my UX and UI portfolio. Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to discuss my work…

@jill Thank you again for the nomination. And to everyone else, thank you for the lovely things you’ve said in your votes. I so appreciate it :slight_smile:


@sarina Does the extra informationprovided and refinement to the nomination satisfy your concerns?

@jill Yes, thank you for checking! I have no opposition.

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Awesome, thanks @sarina , and everyone else who chimed in here!

We’ve got the requisite >5 votes for yes with no objections, and the review period has passed, so I’d like to welcome @Cassie to the Core Contributor program :sunny:

@Cassie , your next steps are here: Core Contributor Program > Participant & Administrator Runbooks.


Thank you @jill and everyone! Really honoured to be considered, and apart of this :tada: :raised_hands: :clinking_glasses:


@Cassie Congratulations and welcome! It’ll be great to have an extra set of hands on the UX side of things. :muscle:

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