Wireframing a New Open edX Theme

The OpenCraft team is still on a mission to build an Open edX theme that people love to use! We’ve started wireframing the course pages of our new theme and would love any feedback from the community :slight_smile:

Check out the static wireframes here. Use your left and right arrows on your keyboard to see the different pages in the presentation. We’ve included the following pages / sections:

  • Course Overview (not enrolled)
  • Course Overview (enrolled)
  • My Learning
  • Course Learning Item

We also have two UX options for the actual learning area. Let us know which you prefer!


Hey Cassie,

I’m new here but those wireframes look really good. Out of options 1 & 2, I prefer option 1 - just feel it’s the more comfortable of the two and users won’t get lost.

Out of interest, when do you think you’ll have them ready?



Hi Puskas,

I so appreciate your feedback!

We’re developing the new theme iteratively, and don’t have a launch date of the final theme yet. The theme will be open source, and we’d love community members to contribute through comments/MRs on Gitlab.

I’ll keep you updated on progress!

Thank you for your interest.