Core Contributor Nomination: Santiago Suarez

I am thrilled to nominate @Santiago_Suarez for a Core Contributor role as a Product Manager!

Santiago has been actively involved in the Product Working Group since the very first meeting, demonstrating his commitment to the Open edX project. He is also one of three founding members of the Narrative subgroup.

Over the past 8 months, Santiago has built an impressive portfolio of accomplishments, including:

In all of these projects, Santiago has been highly collaborative, working closely with product managers from 2U, edly and other organizations. He’s not shy about asking the right questions to keep projects on track, and is willing to take the lead.

I want to highlight Santiago’s work on the Product Review process. Product Review has been a challenge for the community, and one many may have described as a wicked problem. Santiago voluntarily stepped in, bringing fresh eyes to the project. He took a “user approach” to identify pain points in the process, and gracefully engaged all the right stakeholders to iterate toward a solution. As a result, we have guidelines for contributing authors and reviewers, and an active review pipeline. He accomplished this in a collaborative, open and authentic manner that turned a sticky problem into a satisfying solution. Additionally, he was a pleasure to work with through the entire process.

I hope you will consider Santiago for our small but growing team of Core Contributor Product Managers. The voting period will be open for the next two weeks, through Friday 28 April.


An absolute yes from me to this nomination.
I have been keeping an eye on the product working group meeting notes and I have seen the tremendous change that came about in the last 6 Months. I’m super happy to see Santiago participating there and I’m thrilled to see what will come next.


:+1: it has been great having Santiago in the working group, especially the work on the Product Review of OSPR overhaul project - tackling a problem we’ve had in the project since its beginning. Santiago will do great in the CC role and I look forward to working with him on more things.


I’d like to throw in my support for Santiago here as well. Santiago’s work on the product review process and general get-stuff-done attitude has helped the Product Working Group immensely as it comes into its own. Santiago is a valuable contributor and I am excited to continue our work together.


yes!!! :dancer:t3: Having Santiago as part of the OSPR review process would be incredibly beneficial for coding contributors!


Yup, thanks a lot for all your work on the product reviews @Santiago_Suarez ! This is really important. :+1: from me.


We definitely need to keep strengthening and increasing the capacity of a strategic team such as the Product WG, and having a new core contributor with a high-impact outcome as @Santiago_Suarez completely aligns with this purpose. This is a YES from my side!