Core Contributor Sprint Retro - 12 November 2022 - 26 November 2022

Full report

@antoviaque #working-groups:core-contributors

Find the full report attached or in Listaflow for your convenience:

A record high amount of hours have been reported this sprint compared the last five sprints. There have been 419 worked on the latest sprint, compared to 299, 366.75, 497.75, 285.75 and 320 hours in the previous four sprints.

Total hours this sprint: 419

Name How many hours did you spend over the last 14 days?
Adolfo R. Brandes 63.5
Kyle McCormick 48
Dave Ormsbee 40
Sarina Canelake 40
Ghassan Maslamani 33
Zia Fazal 24
Maria Grimaldi 18.5
Matjaz Gregoric 18
Peter Pinch 15
Piotr 13
Igor Degtiarov 11
Andrés González 10
Braden 10
Esteban Etcheverry 10
Ali Hugo 9
Xavier Antoviaque 9
Gabriel 8.5
Dean Jay Mathew 7
Ana Garcia 6
Ignacio (Nacho) Despujol Zabala 5.25
Felipe Montoya 5
Pierre Mailhot 5
Jill 4.25
Pooja 3
Giovanni 2
Omar Al-Ithawi 1
Achim Neuss
Andreas Grähn
Angie Ruiz
Ayaz Quraishi
Brian Mesick
Carlos Muniz
Carolina De Mares
Chintan Joshi
Eden Huthmacher
Edward Edward
Feanil Patel
Ilaria Botti
Ivo Branco
JayRam Nai
Jhony Avella
Jorge Londoño
Juan Montoya
Kshitij Sobti
Maksim Sokolskiy
María Laura Rivas Díaz
Michelle Philbrick
Nicole Kessler
Patrick Neubert
Pedro Cabral
Peter Koblyakov
Sofiane Bebert
Stefania Trabucchi
Is there anything where you could use help from others? Or that you would like to collaborate on? User
- could use 1-2 volunteers to proofread/give suggestions on CC course Sarina Canelake
Looking for someone who can test upgrading from nutmeg to olive, so we can improve the instructions for persistent grades. See Release Notes: Update instructions on persistent grades · Issue #234 · openedx/build-test-release-wg · GitHub Peter Pinch
Looking for someone who can review this one-liner PR for me please: enable and disable SUPPORT_URL with environment variable by isankadn · Pull Request #276 · openedx/frontend-component-header · GitHub Dean
Retrospective - Improvements User
Generate a template that can be prefilled of what person has been doing on GitHub/confluence. Ghassan Maslamani
Retrospective - Blockers User
Retrospective - What went well these last two weeks / sprint? User
Good news from frontend land: some 2U frontend teams are updating their MFEs according to the MFE requirements checklist. In particular, a couple in the Olive matrix. Adolfo R. Brandes
Great community effort on olive testing. Good coordination on necessary code contributions. Peter Pinch
The redesign of the Marketplace Page on went smoothly Ali Hugo
Some good progress on both the Kubernetes front, and the core contributors commitments management Xavier Antoviaque
What did you accomplish in the last two weeks (aka “current sprint”)? (Optional) User
* Continued on the MFE Modular Domains OEP. We’re close to selecting a bidder to work on it.
* Helping to get tutor-mfe ready for dynamic configuration
* Adding support for the following MFEs to Tutor, including fixing them where necessary:
* course-authoring
* ora-grading
* discussions
* Writing up potential solutions to the Google Analytics problem
* Fixing up a problem with one of the public openedx GH workflows
* Either hosting or participating in Paragon, BTR, Paragon, Frontend, and Contributor WG meetings
* Frontend community project management, as usual
Adolfo R. Brandes
- finished first draft CC course
- brainstorming session + next steps on product health
Sarina Canelake
Mainly testing and responding to review for tutor-mfe PR 69 dynamic config
Ghassan Maslamani
Completed work on issue 231
xAPI video event mapping doesn't support "interacted" verb extensions · Issue #231 · openedx/event-routing-backends · GitHub
Zia Fazal
Codejail support in olive, openedx-events maintenance, bug …triaging, BTR, onboarding course outline… Maria Grimaldi
Olive testing
Draft PR for olive release notes
Peter Pinch
Mostly reviews. Piotr
WGs meetings, forum, ADRs, and wiki review. Igor Degtiarov
Finished prototype of using Helm to provision a shared load balancer for an Open edX k8s cluster. Braden
- UX/UI redesign of the Marketplace Page on
- Attending Product Working Group meeting
- Various discussions about how to improve Listaflow’s UX for Core Contributor checkins
Ali Hugo
- Kubernetes collaboration - Attend meeting & follow-up
- Review modular learning initiative doc
- Core sprint - Create follow-up tickets for sprint planning
- Core commitments - review & next steps
Xavier Antoviaque
-Marketing Working Group Meeting
-Translations in Transifex
-Help in the visual design of an SEO report for Open edX
Ana Garcia
I was able to finally get the signatures of all the rectors of the Spanish Universities for the agreement on the OpenedX public procurement and advanced the technical specification of the procurement. Ignacio (Nacho) Despujol Zabala
Participated in the various WG meetings
Worked with Santiago to bring ideas to the product review bottleneck issue
Investigated LTI status
Felipe Montoya
Attended meetings of the BTR and Core Contributor working groups.
Attended a meeting on Kubernetes and Helm deployment for Tutor.
Reviewed a few translations in Transifex.
Asked questions about the future of Google Analytics 4 in Open edX given the EOL of Google Analytics Universal in July 2023.
Read the very early draft of a future OEP on Modular Micro-frontend Domains.
Browsed Discourse and Slack on a regular basis.
Pierre Mailhot
I didn’t spend enough time on CC work this sprint, but I feel like I got a lot done.

* discussed Superset with Brian Mesick, and made good progress on data-wg#21
* feedback on user stories for modular learning
* core committer nomination for Farhaan
* deployed changes to Open Source Masterclass logo
* approved OEP-58 translations management
* discussed CC repo groups proposal
What will you work on for during the next two weeks / sprint? (Optional) User
I’ll be testing my work and then creating PR for review and might be addressing any feedback on PR. Zia Fazal
Olive testing and release notes Peter Pinch
- Small design update on add a link to the actual course to the page
- Paragon skeleton loader: complete remaining tasks, and request review of the component
Ali Hugo
- Core time & scope - Post document for final review
- Core sprints - Attend & post answers to questions
- Elections - Reply to feedback thread
- Product PR workflow - Follow-up
- Upstreaming course - Remote Sprint
Xavier Antoviaque
Reviewing translations.
Checking the status of test cases for Olive.
Attend a few working group meetings.
Pierre Mailhot
My attempts to block out time didn’t work as well this sprint as last, so need to tighten my process.

Will complete next sprint:

* data-wg#21
* attend and present at the next data-wg
* mooc-floss#137

Thank you @Dean ! Here is a recap of the discussions the checkins prompted during yesterday’s contributor meetup:

@sarina Do you have the URL of the course, for those who would like to have a look?

I’ve also brought up the topic of how to integrate with the course about how to upstream contributions we are also helping to author; @jalondonot mentioned an upcoming meeting on Friday I think - happy to join it if the time works out to discuss it, if you want.

On this, @pdpinch mentioned that he needed someone with an existing instance to upgrade to test this – @mtyaka is there one of the instances we’ll have to upgrade we could help to test this with?

On this @arbrandes kindly helped with the review - thanks! :+1:

On the topic of pending PRs, we also discussed @Zia_Fazal 's PR at fix: added keyword substitution support in edx_ace based bulk course emails by ziafazal · Pull Request #31044 · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub with @Kelly_Buchanan , who is going to try to get some time scheduled for this.

@ghassan What would be the use of the template? Would that be for the checkin of the core contributors sprints in Listaflow? If that’s the case, I can see how that would be a nice feature, and a good way to encourage the use of github tickets. Would you be willing to describe it further in a feature request ticket at Issues · opencraft / dev / Listaflow · GitLab ? CC @Fox_Piacenti @ali_hugo


I’d rather not publicize the URL just yet. For people who are interested, please PM me on Slack, Discourse, or on email sarina [[[at]]] tcril [[[[dot]]]] org

We already enabled persistent grades on most of our largest instances a couple of releases ago and we still need to do some prep work before we’ll be able to upgrade to olive.

Thanks for your answers @sarina & @mtyaka – hopefully someone else in the community can help with that testing?

@sarina @Dean Btw for the next contributor meetup next week, there is a TOC meeting being scheduled at the same time, so I won’t be able to be there to go through the checkins as usual. Would either of you be able to cover for me? list of blockers, improvements and

I’ll also be on vacation for the next one on Dec 27th ( – though usually most people are off too during that time, so not sure if the meeting will happen? It might be worth bringing it up (CC @jalondonot ) - if it happens I would also need cover for that meeting :slight_smile:

Hi @antoviaque

I will also not be available both those dates as I will be travelling, funnily enough on both those dates I’ll be driving long distance.

I can still prepare the summary reports as usual though.

I can take the lead in that section this time :slight_smile: @antoviaque @Dean. Please let me know once the report is ready to take it from there :call_me_hand:

About your questions, @antoviaque, the meeting we’re having next week (13th) will be the last one of the year :grin:

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