Core Contributor Sprint Retro - March 18th-April 1st

Quick reminder for core contributors, to remember to fill the sprint check-ins, before the end of the day today.

You should have received an email on Tuesday & Wednesday from “Friday <>” titled “Core contributors - Sprint Retrospective & Planning: please add an update”. Please fill it today!

If you don’t have it, let me know.


The updates so far for the current sprint:

Here is the report for the current sprint:

Calls/offers for help

New this sprint: a list of calls/offers for help:

1) Nutmeg testing & documentation
We will need testing volunteers for Nutmeg. Hit up Dean in the #wg-build-test-release Slack channel if you’re interested. @kmccormick
The BTR group will be looking for help testing Nutmeg and fixing issues that come up. Help from any CC would be appreciated. @BbrSofiane
I could help with some tests tickets for Nutmeg. @mgmdi
I’d like to see ’s work on [BD-14] Updates Blockstore Python API [TNL-8746] [FAL-2702] by pomegranited · Pull Request #149 · openedx/blockstore · GitHub and [BD-14] Install the blockstore app into edx-platform, behind a waffle switch by pomegranited · Pull Request #29779 · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub get merged in time for nutmeg , I might need some help creating a nutmeg branch in the documentation repo, and getting a draft build in read-the-docs. I plan to try it first and then ask Ned Batchelder and for help when I get stuck. @pdpinch
2) Reviewing PRs
For coders: as mentioned in #core-contributors, Jira will automatically notify the chat room when there’s a PR that is up for review by CCs. I’d ask that everyone please lightly monitor this room, and comment on the Jira ticket when you pick it up. , You can also use this Jira query to find all OSPRs ready for CC review:"Open%20edX%20Community%20Review" @sarina
- Hopefully I’ll have some things for other CCs to review around docs, early next week. @feanil
3) Core sprints
If someone wants to help with some of the steps of organizing the core contributors sprints, don’t hesitate to let me know — there is plenty to do, and I’m happy to share :slight_smile: @antoviaque


Since we have only 4 improvements/blockers mentioned this week, we can directly look into all of them (if you still want a vote in these cases though, let me know):

Improvement/blocker Author
For me It’s difficult to join the Transifex WG meeting (because of the time and other meeting planned before) @Ilaria_Botti
- Still too few answers to the check-ins — which based on discussions and answers to the survey, seemed to be partially attributable to a lack of core contributor work in some areas. There are governance discussions about this scheduled for the conference @antoviaque
- I want more visibility into the development/support status of components, especially MFEs. If a legacy frontend is being rewritten as an MFE, I think there should be a DEPR ticket for the legacy frontend from the get-go. @kmccormick
- Discuss posts (Core contributors sprint & meetup) have helpful information, but I haven’t found the time to read through them thoroughly. So I should include that as part of my CC tasks.
I reviewed a PR (since it fixed an issue I was having) and then realized it already had an assignee on the Jira board (I then @ the assignee to let him know). What should we do in that case?

Hours contributed

The total reported for the last sprint: 174h contributed.

The totals of the hours reported in the last five sprint sheets (Apr 1st, Mar 18th, Mar 4th, Feb 18, Jan 21):

Core contributor Hours
Piotr Surowiec 70
Xavier Antoviaque 48.65
Gabriel D’Amours 38
Ali Hugo 36.7
Jillian Vogel 35
Zia Fazal 34
Juan Camilo Montoya 30
Kyle McCormick 30
Peter Pinch 30
Sarina Canelake 26
Matjaz Gregoric 25
Braden MacDonald 23
Maria Grimaldi 23
Giovanni Cimolin 22
Feanil Patel 20
Felipe Montoya 20
Ghassan Maslamani 20
Sofiane Bebert 18
Jhony Avella 11
Usman Khalid 11
Nizar Mahmoud 10
Omar Al-Ithawi 5.5
Nicole Kessler 2
Ilaria Botti 1.5
Stefania Trabucchi 0
Grand Total 590.35

Updated checkins

18 answers:


To follow-up on some of the points from the check-ins:

@mgmdi Thanks for offering! You’re in luck, there is also a call for help right above by @kmccormick about this, mentioning how to do that: :slight_smile:

This is important btw, so bumping it for all core contributors :slight_smile: ^^

@Eden_Huthmacher you might be the right person to answer this? Not sure if there is much that can be done though, it’s tough to find a time slot that can work for everyone.

@kmccormick +1, that would avoid a lot of surprises – this way the discussions about it can happen when the decision is taken, and while those who would prefer another option to jump in while it can still be changed. And if someone takes over the maintenance to avoid the deprecation, they have time to properly prepare.

This was discussed during the contributors meetup today, where it prompted a good conversation about this (cf the meeting notes when they will be posted).

Action item: @feanil will add an agenda item to next deprecation working group meeting to continue it.

@mgmdi We also discussed this quickly during the contributors meetup today, and it’s completely fine to review PRs you’re not assigned to! It can only add to it, and the assignee is likely to be happy to have work already done – and can either review something else, or just comment on the specific points that they see. It’s worth pinging the assignee to let them know though :slight_smile:


Adding a little more, @jmakowski is also working on bridging the gap by investigating what work is (and will) be done by 2U and adding it to the project roadmap.

@antoviaque I am open to changing the meeting time of the Translation WG. Please email me time options that would work best and I will obtain consensus from the group.

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@ehuthmacher That’s nice of you! :slight_smile:

This was a comment from @Ilaria_Botti so pinging her so she can see this:

@Ilaria_Botti would you like to send some options that work for you to @ehuthmacher ?

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Thank you @kmccormick and @antoviaque for the call. This has already been fruitful with @mgmdi and others offering to take on some test cases/tickets. Pierre informed me that @ghassan was already promoting such an idea so I’ve added him to the test team too in hope that he will be pleased :slight_smile:

Ned Bachelder (2U)
Kyle McCormick (tCRIL)
Pierre Mailhot (EDUlib)
Régis Behmo (Tutor)
Xavier Antoviaque (OpenCraft)
Peter Pinch (MIT Open Learning)
Kaleb Abebe (MIT Open Learning)
Maria Grimaldi (eduNEXT)
Ghassan Maslami (independent)
Dean Jay Mathew (ABC Online Courses)

On Monday during the BTR-WG meeting I’ll briefly demo the draft Test Plan that I along with Pierre, Peter, Kaleb and Ghassan have contributed to developing so far.

There will be a simple leaderboard for testers so we can have some fun so I urge everyone to join Monday’s meeting if possible to get started early.

Together, we’re going to have a superb test plan moving forwards, especially with such a huge team brewed in just a single sprint!


Thank you @antoviaque . I put here my options:
on Tuesday or Thursday 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm CEST Time (9:30 - 10:30 EDT Time @ehuthmacher).

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That sounds great @Dean I will add the next BTR meeting on my calendar, and will do my best to attened*, but in anycase I am willing to devote time for testing Nutmeg.

* Recently my schedule/availability got messy because of Ramadan :sweat_smile:.

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@Ilaria_Botti I will discuss it with the group and get back to you. :slight_smile: Feel free to check back in with me on Slack next week.

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Since it’s Ramadan, you could just watch the video recording after your dinner for example :grin: :man_technologist:

For this sprint’s retro recap, see also the excellent recap of some of the discussions points by @jalondonot in Open edX Contributors Meetup - #91 by jalondonot :