Course Card Image does not update in `Courses`

Dear Open edX Community,
This is my first time posting here and I hope my question is relevent to get help for this issue. I have updated to Palm (Tutor 16.1.7) from the previous release. Afterward, I have been noticed that the course card image does not update after uploaded a new course card image in Studio. I have to manually run reindex to get the updated course card in Courses.
Could I have any suggestion/solution to get the updated course card image in the Courses automatically after updating the course card in the Studio?

Hi @kylesinlynn I understand your question but don’t have an answer for you. One option is to just wait and see if it refreshes automatically after some time (10 min? 20 min?). EdX both uses aggressive caching on the home page and also the re-indexing process does run automatically on some schedule (though I’m not sure what that schedule is). But if you still want to find the specific answer, then try the Site Operators forum. That forum tends to be more technical and there is probably a technical answer to your question.

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