Instructor signature not showing up on certificate previews


Question 1:
I am using Koa via Tutor. When I upload an instructor signature image, it shows up while editing the certificate settings. But when I go to preview the certificate, the signature image doesn’t show up on the preview. I found a really old thread discussing this from 2018: but I don’t know if that’s applicable. Is this a known issue?

Question 2:
I notice that I can’t seem to reuse or specify a URL if I have the same instructor signature between multiple classes. Is there a better way to do this than re-uploading the same image over and over?

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Hello Jimmy, I found the same behavior recently with the signature in the preview option.
I don’t believe this is a bug. I think it is on purpose to prevent someone to preview a certificate and then print it or download it as a valid certificate. If you complete the full cycle and generate certificates using a test course you will see that the signature appears on the final/valid certificates.

That doesn’t look like it’s the case. I made a simple test class, added certificates, made it available immediately, enrolled with a test user, completed the course, requested and viewed the certificate, but there was still no signature.

Interestingly I do see an HTTP GET request for the certificate signature PNG file, and no apparent error in the logs. So maybe there’s just something wrong with the default certificate template such that it doesn’t show it? (Not sure whether that would be a tutor error or an open edx error, since I don’t know if tutor customized it or not…)

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