Course creation questionnaire

Hello all,

I was wondering if it is possible to have a questionnaire in the frontpage of the openedx site where some can complete and let us know what could be a desired course for that matter.

Additionally if it is possible to complete this questionnaire without the user to have to have been logged in.

I was thinking to make a separate course named as questionnaire and somehow let know of the visitor to complete this questionnaire if he wishes something new. Other way would be in each already created course to have a questionnaire before the course begins but this is something that my company does not want. All the above would require the visitor to have an account.

Is there a work around this issue?

Thanks in advance

Happy New Year!

Looking more into it I suppose that the proper term for questionnaire if survey. As I saw there is a module called survey into OpenEdX yet is very limited to what I want to create.

One post in this discuss forum seems to mention Google Forms. All I have to do is to create the form and place the link on the front page of my native installation I suppose. Have to look into it how to edit the front page and place a whole paragraph in it.

Hello @markman8,

To achieve this you can Enable Public Course Content using this documentation and then put the survey inside the course as a unit.

I hope this will help.