Course discussion edit and delete (the "more" icon) are missing

I am having trouble that I can’t find by Googling the problem. I am a very new Open edX user so I apologize for the basic-ness of my question.

I do not seem to have the Discussion board options that the manual says I should have. For example, I am setting up a discussion board for a lesson, and I did a test post. And now there is no way to remove or edit the post, even as an admin. I tried setting myself as a Discussion Admin just to see if that was the reason, but it didn’t change anything.

Here are the instructions I’ve been trying to follow. Edit Messages

Discussion moderators, community TAs, and discussion admins can edit the content of posts, responses, and comments. Messages that include spoilers or solutions, or that contain inappropriate or off-topic material, should be edited quickly to remove text, images, or links.

  1. Log in to the site and then select the course on your Current Courses dashboard.
  2. Open the Discussion page and then open the post with the content that requires editing. You can select a single topic from the drop-down list of discussion topics, apply a filter, or search to locate the post.
  3. For the post or for the response or comment that you want to edit, select the “More” icon and then Edit . <----I DO NOT HAVE THE “MORE” ICON. Is something wrong with my installation?
  4. Remove the problematic portion of the message, or replace it with standard text such as “[REMOVED BY MODERATOR]”.
  5. Communicate the reason for your change. For example, “Posting a solution violates the honor code.”

Hi @ginasciworthy and welcome!

It seems like the user you’re using doesn’t have the appropriate permissions to moderate the forum.

I’m testing on a clean instance and the feature is working properly (see below, I’m using the demonstration course).

I am using a staff account and I also did give myself Discussion Admin privileges. I am not using a custom theme.

Hi I wanted to update you that I had given permission to the wrong account. How embarrassing. Apologies for posting on here for something so minor. Thanks for responding.