Course exit page

Hi all,

Does anybody know how do the exit page work, which is mentioned in the Maple release notes?

I’ve set the courseware.microfrontend_course_exit_page waffle flag but didn’t see any change.

@Andres.Aulasneo you should have Courseware MFE enabled, then instead of the Next button on the last Unit, you will see the Complete the Course button instead. And the following congratulation page.

@Andrii_Pohibko please provide more details if @Andres.Aulasneo will have any new questions.

Hi @idegtiarov! Thanks for your reply.
I still see a grayed next button at the end of the course. Do I have to enable somewhere else?

It’s curious that if you search for this waffle flag in openedx’s github org, it doesn’t seem to be used out of the definition.

Hi @Andres.Aulasneo it seems that nothing else is set up on our end, but enabled and configured Courseware MFE and set courseware.microfrontend_course_exit_page to True.

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I’ve found it!!! The release notes talk about a waffle toggle… I was setting a waffle switch, but I had to add a waffle flag :exploding_head: !!!

This is what needs to be added:

I just have one question. How does this work if the last section of a course isn’t published yet? Does it show the end of course as the last section? Wouldn’t that confuse some users?

If the last section is not released yet, the “next” buttons stays the same and you get this screen:

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Thanks @Andres.Aulasneo
That’s interesting. I am glad someone thought about it.