Course tracking not working

Course tracking as seen in the image above is very temperamental, with the green box sometimes ticking upon students looking at the module and sometimes not triggering. This affects the students progress in the “progress” tab

Is there anyway around this? I have enabled the waffle flag completion.enable_completion_tracking already and it seems to bugged still.

My first guess would be that it is working correctly, but due to how the system is designed, it can often be difficult to tell why it’s “sometimes not triggering”. I gave a 10 minute talk about completion at the conference earlier this year where I explained how it works and why it sometimes doesn’t seem to be marking content as complete. See in particular the part starting at 10:25 (“the reason I mention this is it can sometimes happen that a learner doesn’t get the green check appearing on their unit and it’s not clear why that’s the case…Usually it’s just because somewhere in that unit there’s a component that you haven’t fully completed yet…it’s helpful to be aware of the different ways that that happens…”)