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Hi everyone!
Can I set the organization in the current user?
When a user creates a course, I want that user to only choose the organization that has been defined.

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@taufanbudiman To make it more likely that someone will know how to help you, and answers you, it would be helpful to describe a bit more what you are trying to achieve. Why do you want to set the organization on a given user? To only show the courses from that specific organization, for that user, or do you have a different goal in mind? If the former, a potential approach could be to configure different sites on your installation of Open edX – but that would also depend on your exact use case: 4.2. Configuring Open edX Sites — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation

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Thank you for your advice

I will try to explain. I have many LMS sites and have their respective configurations as shown in this link.

When creating a course in the studio, I want the user to fill in 1 or 2 organizations instead of all of them. I’ve enabled the organization_app feature, and I want to limit the list available.

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 08.26.21

so it only appears according to the organizations that are allowed