Course outline is not loading in open edx studio

Hi all,
I created a course in studio. But the course is not loading. I m using open edx juniper.3 version.
I got the following screen.
Any help is appreciated. The following are the screenshots for your kind perusal.

Hi @Mr_BRIGHT_GEE_varghe,

Do you have access to the server logs? If so, can you post them here?
If not, can you access http://your-instance-url/heartbeat?extended and post the response here?

The screenshots are not enough to determine a main cause, but I’d start by looking if the MongoDB service is running and checking that the LMS/Studio is able to connect to it.

@Mr_BRIGHT_GEE_varghe I get this kind of error also. That’s ok. It’s missing some js files and , You have got what files it is missing on the network tab(those in red).

To solve this, run the following command on the terminal.
replace “commons.some_hash” by the missing Js files you see on the network tab.(the red ones)

  • cp /edx/var/edxapp/staticfiles/bundles/commons.some_hash /edx/var/edxapp/staticfiles/studio/bundles

What It’ll do is copy the missing Javascript file and paste it on the files where they are needes so that You’ll not get those errors anymore.

Yes, I did the same. Its working perfectly. Thank you :blush::handshake:

I followed :point_up_2:this step. Its working now. Thank you for your kind response.

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