Courses page not loading on fist load when browser cache is empty


We have a OpenEdx deployment (tutor 17) and if I access page in both dev and local it is showing blank page. If I refresh the page the content is shown. If I empty cache and hard reload the page it again shows blank page. We have the theme applied but even with original files it has the same behavior. This code is done in backbone and it happens only if discovery is enabled as when it is enabled backbone loads the page in backgroung, otherwise page is directly rendered from the Mako template.
Anyone experiencing the same issue? This is not related to tutor but more to OpenEDX. We are uding Quince.

Solved, it turned out that when it didn’t work with original files some of the files were probably cached. In any case the issue was with ordering of css imports and it is specific to our template.
I will close this as solved.