Course Overview WYSIWYG

Hi, new to Open edX so apologies if this has already been asked. I have just got my site setup and working and have gone to create my first course and noticed that the course overview on the studio. site is in raw HTML. For myself this is fine, however, for a lot of my tutors they don’t have this knowledge.

Is there a way to use a wysiwyg element on that part of the page to make it more accessible to all my tutors?



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You click “Save”, and reopen the editor, now you are on VISUAL mode.

I don’t know if it’s possible to set the VISUAL editor as the default on all component, for the moment i just change it manually like that, and it works!

I believe @justinb was referring to the course about page, rather than course content :slight_smile:

The easiest way around this though is to use an HTML component like the one pictured. What I typically recommend is having a staff-only sandbox section containing things like templates that can be modified by users who aren’t HTML-savvy. You can then export the course and use the course import as your starting point, like a course template that contains HTML templates.

This means you can write the about page into a template in the sandbox, and then copy the HTML over to the about page.

Alternatively, if you’ve got more of a support structure for your Tutors to help set up courses, you can give them a form to fill in (like a word doc or Google form) with the necessary details and build the about page for them. That also works!

I’d love to see a much better visual HTML editor in the platform, as the old one is kinda terrible by modern standards, and I’d want to have that visual editor implemented everywhere HTML is used, but unfortunately it’s not there yet.