Creating Texts in Studio

Hello , hope everyone is doing great!

I wanted to create text in studio with HTML unit, but It is giving me no option to save my texts.
My version of open edx is Juniper.master.

  • Here I created HTML component,
  • And then Here is where I am supposed to write my texts.But there is no save option, only close button.And if I clicked the close button , The text component is being empty again or some texts which were there by default.

The video unit is working well, Any ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

@Natnael Something seem indeed wrong with your editor view - the HTML editor should show in the editing window that pops up, but it doesn’t. It might be an installation issue - could you check if there is an error in the console when you load the page or click on “Edit”? See this page to see how to do that, for example with Firefox:

Then send this error to the person who is responsible for the installation/configuration of your Open edX site, or copy it here, someone might have an idea of what your issue is when seeing the message.

@antoviaque Thanks really, I looked into it and You are very right , There were missing Js files, I have copied and paste those files from this folder /edx/var/edxapp/staticfiles/bundles/ to /edx/var/edxapp/staticfiles/studio/bundles/ and Problem Solved.