Courses management among multi-LMS


I see feature of multi-LMS running in one open edX platform. My question is, if we can manage the courses among these LMS? for example LMS A can show only the courses “belong to it”, but not the courses “owned” by LMS B?

For now, all my multi-LMS(s) only have different themes, but the contents alway the same. I think it is not a correct complete view of multi-LMS.

Anyone can advise me the correct way of multi-LMS in open edX please. Thank you.

Hello @Hoang_PHAM_HUY,

You can certainly have different courses for your multi-LMS. For that, you just have to add course_org_filter in your site configuration table against your sites.

For example for site you have added course_org_filter: foo then while course creation from the studio you have to set foo as your organization name for the courses.

If you follow this then on the course catalog page you will see the courses which have foo as an organization at

I hope this will help.

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Hi @jramnai

Thank you for your help. It perfectly works. However, in Studio, how to seperate courses by organization as in LMS? And also for admin/staff in Studio, how to allow different organization manage their own courses in a common Studio?

Thank you in advance

On the studio side it is not available by default, though you can follow this topic for more information: Studio multi site/multi tenant

Hi @jramnai again

I know this thread and already tried.
However, to create courses, we still need a “staff role” in Studio. But “staff role” can see all the courses in Studio (even already assign the “access role at organization level” as described in the thread). So, the result is, staff of one LMS site can use common Studio to manage courses from other LMS sites.

Do you have any suggession?

Thank you