Creating and sharing a course on


We are a non-profit organization that supports women in tech. We want to create and share a course on I was able to log in to as a student, but i want to be an instructor there to share our content on What should i do to be able to create content and share it under our non-profit organization name?

Our organization is called SistersLab; is a non-profit organization which makes free workshops for girl and adult women, whose socio-economic level is lower than standarts and who can’t reach to informations about STEAM, in order to increase their intension, visibility and encourage and it was established by 3 sisters.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Hilal!
In short, you’ll need to apply to become a partner at You can learn more and there is a form here:

For more context, is part of a private company called 2U. The software they use is Open edX, which is the same software used by a lot of us in the Open edX community. But we are all basically unaffiliated with Also, does require a commitment of many courses over several years as well as financial investment to be a partner. I’m not very familiar with those details.