I am Looking for online courses to be offered at my education platform,

Hello ,

I am working on a start up education platform. I was wondering how to get all these online courses , higher education, skill development and learning & development integration on my education platform .

I see many websites have same courses, higher education and skill development courses in their catalog, was wondering if there is a common source to get link to those courses or any kind of association or any partnership or ? Does EDX provides this kind of partnership?

or I need to contact individual universities to bring them on board.

Would appreciate your help and support.

thank you in advance.


Welcome to the Openedx Community @Sunil.

You certainly need to contact the Author of the courses or the governing body of the courses/Programs offered.
This community will help you to set up an LMS/CMS platform for education.

Feel free to post your comments if you need any help.