I enrolled as a user on my site, but everytime I try to create a course, it says the request is pending for approval by the site administrator, which is me. I don’t know where or how to approve to start creating courses. Can someone please help me out?

Hi @the_duraivel_samuel

You should be able to set it here:


That’s strange that it does not recognise you already. Are you using the same email address for the user and admin? I’m sure you are, but just checking.

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Thank you! I tried the link but I don’t know what my credentials are. I did create a superuser, but everytime I try to login, it keeps telling me that the “user is inactive!” I don’t know what it really means, because I did not make the account inactive when I created it. Can you please teach me how to make the account active from the terminal so that I could login into my django console? And yeah, I’m using the same email for LMS, studio, and the admin.

Can you login into /admin? (Make sure you are first logged into the LMS successfully, otherwise you can’t get into /admin as far as I know)

These may be useful:

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Thank you very much. That was really helpful!

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