Who is the course creator request being approved by?

I created a second account intended to be another admin account. I couldn’t create courses from this account so I clicked on a button that said request to be an account creator. Now there’s a thing below my course list saying that I am waiting to be approved as an account creator. But my other account never got such a notification. Who is receiving this and how to I approve myself?

Furthermore, my inability to figure out how to set accounts as admins and staff (despite looking in the documentation for this) might be related to this problem. I have posted about it elsewhere…


Hello @ginasciworthy

Go to your site’s Admin portal (www.example.com/admin) and go to the User you want to edit permissions for, then select the Staff Status option:

Hmmm…I did not know that an /admin page existed on EdX. I tried to go to it and got this error…

“For security reasons, this URL is only accessible using localhost ( as the hostname.”

What does this mean?

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