Seeking Guidance: How to get permission for course creation?

I just created a free Microsite. When I go to Studio, I get the following message

" Are you staff on an existing Studio course?
The course creator must give you access to the course. Contact the course creator or administrator for the course you are helping to author."

How to go about granting myself permission?



Hello @BIED
A normal user can not grant themselves course creation permission from STUDIO. It has to be granted by a platform administrator from the django sysadmin console.
Once your user has course creation permissions, you can create a course, and grant other users staff or admin privileges over your course.

I hope this helps

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Adding to @juancamilom 's comment: from the CMS admin console, you can grant course creation permissions by finding the “Course creators” table in the app of the same name. Each row in the table is a user who has requested creation permissions; as an administrator, you can grant/deny the requests by changing the status from “Pending” to “Approved” or “Rejected”.