Dates Tab Added As Default for All Courses

Hi All,

In spite of it I was able to enable relative due dates using the waffle flags and this works perfectly for instructor paced courses. However most of my courses are self paced and I am unable to have that working. In fact I assume most of all openedx supported platform prefers self paced courses including justifying anyone anytime anywhere.

I have failed to have this feature working in my instance for self paced courses. Have any one been able to use this feature in production??

Could you guide me?? the only step I took was enabling waffle switches necessary.

I don’t know about the falgs, but I know there is an important step in doc. Which is;

Dates Tab

The Dates Tab has been added as a default static tab on all courses. All new courses will automatically include the Dates Tab. In order to properly have the Dates Tab show up for all your existing courses, a backfill course tabs management command has been created.

$ python cms backfill_course_tabs

ref: Open edX Nutmeg Release — Open edX Release Notes documentation

Hello sir,

Thanks for your response.

I have been able to follow the step mentioned by you and populate dates tab in my courses. However the issue is related to configurations. No matter what i try i am unable to display relative schedule for self paced courses. I have followed ask steps in the documentation. I am able to assign due dates in studio however it doesn’t reflect in the dates tab. This is applicable only for self paced courses if i switch to instructor paced course then dates are displayed.

I suspect there is something missing in the documentation for self paced courses.