Due Dates in Dates Page

Hi all,
I can’t get the due dates (of exams, exercices and so on) to appear on the Dates page. The only dates that appear are the begining and end dates of the course. Is there any setting for this? I’ve read several times the docs but haven’t found any clue.
My configuration:

  • Ubuntu 22.04.2 server
  • Tutor 15.3.7, Olive

In an older configuration (Ubuntu 20.x + Nutmeg) did’nt work either.
Thanks in advance.

After some code diving, it turns out that this behavior depends on the course_experience.relative_dates WaffleFlag which seems to be only active by default in self-paced courses.

On the Django admin site I found the entry Waffle_Utils › Waffle flag course overrides in which I was able to change the value of the flag.

It worked. So you can flag this issue as solved. Thank you.

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