Deciding on the "Q" and "R" Open edX release names

Hi everyone! :call_me_hand:

It is already that time of the year when we must decide the names of the following releases, specifically, the “Q” and “R”. For this purpose, I’m starting this thread where you are going to be able to propose a release name candidate and a short description or motivation of your proposal. This last requirement is optional but recommended since the name with the most votes or likes in this case, will be chosen as the official name for that specific release.

:rotating_light: There are just 2 rules:

  1. The candidates must be tree names. :deciduous_tree:
  2. Please make your proposals for the “Q” and “R” release names in separate comments. This way will be easier to count the votes for each release. :bulb:
  3. Each person should vote (by clicking the heart in that specific comment) one time for each release. This is one vote for the “Q” release, and one vote for the “R” release.

The thread will be open for voting until February 21. :spiral_calendar:

Let the games begin! :space_invader:


Here are links that I found helpful when looking for tree names:

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I propose Quince


I propose Redbud

I propose the name “Quebracho” for the Q release. It is very hard wood tree species. It was used as rail sleepers and furniture.

The first thing it comes to your mind when you think about Quebracho is something strong and resistant. I believe it is a good association for a robust and reliable platform as Open edX.

You can learn more about it in this Wikipedia entry


I propose Redwood. Tallest tree! It’s very cool!


@nedbat beat me to it as I wanted to propose Quince too.

Here’s an excellent article from the CBC on how Quince trees are awesome

And it’s the preferred fruit of Aphrodite. How can we go wrong with a tree favoured by a Greek Goddess.


I love redwoods too, but must also propose “redgum”: wikipedia

  • They endure extreme conditions like heat, wildfires, and drought

  • They can live for 500-1000 years

  • They shed their bark instead of their leaves like deciduous trees do

  • They’re beautiful!


That is a beautiful tree!

I propose Roundwood or Redwood.

I think these names look similar to older releases like Ironwood.


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@nedbat and @sambapete, I wanted to propose Quince too.

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+1 to Quince and Redgum

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Not to get too pedantic, but can we clarify how to vote? Can people vote for more than one choice? And we should vote by clicking the heart icon (“like this post”) on the proposal post, right?


My vote is for Quince and Redgum :slight_smile:

I added a third rule to clarify this. What I propose is that each person should vote (by clicking the heart in that specific comment) one time for each release. This is one vote for the “Q” release, and one vote for the “R” release. Only the likes in each specific comment will count, people.

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for Q release: Quercus

for R release: Redwood

ChatGPT: give me a tree name that starts with Q, and another that starts with R

One tree name that starts with Q is the Quercus, which is the scientific name for the oak tree. There are many species of oak trees, including the white oak, red oak, and black oak.

One tree name that starts with R is the Redwood, which is a type of coniferous tree found in California. There are two species of redwood: the coastal redwood and the giant sequoia. The coastal redwood is the tallest tree in the world, while the giant sequoia is the most massive.