Deploy Open edX on Google Cloud

There seems to be no real clear guide on how to schieve this, or at least i’m not seeing any. Can someone point me in the right direction? Is Goolge Clous/AWS the right approach for a newcomer?

Thanks for your time.

The majority of people deploy Open edX on AWS, but it’s certainly possible to use the cloud provider of your choice. We at OpenCraft use DigitalOcean in addition to AWS, and I’ve heard of people using Google Cloud. If you like to keep things simple and standardized, you’ll probably need to go with AWS, but if you like to figure things out and get it working the way you think is best, going with Google Cloud is a solid option.

If you are using a Kubernetes deployment, then it doesn’t matter as much because Kubernetes acts as your “cloud provider abstraction layer”. So everything that happens within the cluster is the same, regardless of which cloud provider you’re using. But you would still need to provision things like databases, email sending, and object storage outside of the cluster. If you’re going to use AWS you can find examples of how to do that already but for Google Cloud you may need to figure it out yourself (e.g. write your own Terraform scripts). You can base it on the AWS ones though.

Here is an AWS example and here is a DigitalOcean example. Here are some findings about how to use Harmony to deploy Open edX onto Google Kubernetes Engine.

Dear Braden,

Thank so much for taking the time to respond. I will definatly take a look at your recommendations. Thanks again!

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