Implementing OpenCraft Grove on Oracle Cloud

Dear All,

I am reaching out to explore the feasibility of managing and deploying a Kubernetes (k8s) cluster for Open edX. In my research, I came across OpenCraft Grove, which appears to primarily support AWS and Digital Ocean for production environments.

However, our existing infrastructure is based on Oracle Cloud. I am interested in understanding whether it’s feasible to extend support to Oracle Cloud.

Any insights or guidance on how we might customize the Grove for this purpose would be immensely valuable.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

You should also check out Harmony which has some overlap with Grove. We are in the process of removing some features from Grove and using Harmony for those instead, since Harmony is a more focused community project used by several different providers.

Both projects are designed to work with any cloud k8s provider, so either Grove or Harmony should work fine on Oracle Cloud - but as far as I know nobody has done that yet. So you’ll have to create some infrastructure setup scripts similar to the ones at Harmony’s infra-examples or grove provider-*.