Deploying Tutor on the VM

I have the tutor running my VM; how can I access it remotely like from a browser?

How to access these URLs from my browser?
my server IP is

Your Open edX platform is ready and can be accessed at the following urls:

I have the same problem

I got his working with virtual desktop installation on the server like vnc and x2go and then accessing the firefox with the client; still, 8000 port is not displaying anything but local. is working fine

Any solution that makes the web traffic come from the VM’s localhost (rather than an external source) should work.

Our dev vms don’t have guis, so we needed a solution that didn’t rely on remotely controlling a desktop.

Instead, we used ssh as a socks proxy server (see here for a discussion on socks proxies: SOCKS Proxy Primer: What Is SOCKs5 and Why Should You Use It?)

First you ssh into your vm, specifying a port for your socks proxy (ex: ssh -N -D 9090 ubuntu@

Then you set your browser to forward all traffic to your socks proxy. When configuring your browser, the server host would be local host or And the port is whatever was used in the ssh command (port 9090 for the example above).