Deprecation/Refactor: tubular (User Retirement Code)

tl;dr; User retirement code has historically lived in the tubular repo. We’re gonna move it to edx-platform and the rest of the content in the tubular repo will be archived as it is not relevant to the Open edX Project.

longer: [DEPR]: tubular Repository · Issue #738 · openedx/tubular · GitHub

The deadline for acceptance is 2024-03-06T05:00:00Z

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The deprecation work has now completed and the repository has been archived here: GitHub - openedx-unsupported/tubular: A repo for edx pipeline related scripts.

Most scripts that are still relevant to the Open edX Community were moved to the edx-platform repo as a part of Move user retirement code to edx-platform and drop it from Tubular · Issue #881 · openedx/axim-engineering · GitHub

The retirement and mongo pruning scripts can be found under the scripts directory in edx-platform.

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