Deprecation/Removal: Dockerfiles and Docker Images

I am proposing that we remove Dockerfiles in upstream openedx repositories and freeze the openedx DockerHub account.

This would not affect Tutor, which will continue to build images from j2-templated Dockerfiles and push them to the overhangio Docker account.

If you rely on the openedx Dockerfiles/images, or if this otherwise concerns you, please speak up by 14 June 2024. Thanks!

Will it affect in fetching older release images ?

@chintan Which image tags are you thinking of? I see tags on openedx/credentials
but not on openedx/lms or any other edx-platform image.

Nvm @kmccormick , I was thinking about people running older releases in devstack, but at this point devstack is deprecated too.

And if those images are required, they can be built locally too.