[Input Needed] IDV Usage and Requirements

Hi all,

The Cosmonauts team at 2U is planning for a replacement of our identity verification (IDV) vendor, formerly Software Secure. This work will require changes to the IDV application to support this new provider.

In order to design an approach that serves the needs of 2U and the Open edX community, I would love to know how you use IDV and what requirements you have for an IDV application. Your feedback will help us ensure that our approach reasonably suits Open edX users and operators.

Here are a few sample questions to mull over to get us started, but please share any and all information you think is useful.

  1. At what points does your installation integrate with the IDV application? For example, is it a prerequisite for granting certificates? Is it a part of the payment/checkout flow? Something else?
  2. Do you use the MFE-based IDV flow or the legacy IDV flow?
  3. Do you use the Name Affirmation feature?
  4. Do you use IDV for any purposes other than Name Affirmation? If so, what are they?
  5. Do you integrate with any other IDV vendors?
  6. What custom changes, if any, have you made to the IDV application to fit the needs of your installation?
  7. If the SoftwareSecurePhotoVerification model and its associated code were to be replaced with a pluggable interface, what requirements would you have for such an interface?
  8. Do you use the VerificationDeadline model?

Thank you for any and all feedback!



We don’t use this flow at all.