Disconnection issue between lms and cms in koa

Hello everyone,

I have a problem of disconnection between my lms and my cms. When I am logged into my openedx site, It log me out of the studio. And conversely, if I am connected to the studio, I am disconnected from the site. This causes me problems when I want to access the course content in the studio directly from the site (“view in studio” button in the template : lms/templates/preview_menu.html) Has anyone already been confronted with this problem ?

Thank you !

My config :
ubuntu 20.04

Seems like an issue of cookies mostly, try to check cookie variables in lms.yml and cms.yml files if they are the same and as per the domain it should solve the issue mostly.

After verification, cookies are the source of the problem.
I forgot to mention it, but my lms and studio domains are different, is there a specific variable in lms.yml or cms.yml that can help me to bypass the problem?

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