How to keep the connexion active between 2 lms with different domain name from the same server


I am creating a new issue regarding a problem I had last week because I better identified the problem.

I am on :
koa 3.0
ubuntu 20.04

my home / ubuntu / config.yml config file:

Comprehensive theming is enabled, I have several sites with different domain names on my server, example:

site 1:
site 2:

My problem is that when I am logged in to, I am logged out from Suddenly, the problem also arises when I want to connect to from one of my sites, because the domain name is different. I will want to keep my connection active when I navigate from one site to another , does anyone know how can i configure this on koa?

Thank you very much for helping

Without knowing more about the domain structure, my advice would be to check the Set-Cookie response headers in the Network tab of your browser’s developer tools. Maybe the session cookie (or another cookie) is being set on an unexpected domain name.

It could be related to the PREVENT_CONCURRENT_LOGINS setting, which is enabled by default for increased security (ref). Try turning that setting off and see if the problem persists.

thanks you guys ! I set PREVENT_CONCURRENT_LOGINS to False and it’s working now !