Error accessing course via Studio (CMS) Tutor Koa

Good Morning team!

We have run into an issue where one of our courses is not showing up in the CMS studio.

When we manually navigate to the URL we are receiving the following error in the browser:

The Studio servers encountered an error

An error occurred in Studio and the page could not be loaded. Please try again in a few moments. We've logged the error and our staff is currently working to resolve this error as soon as possible. )}

HTML Error:

500 Internal Server Error

We are not seeing any errors in the logs.

We do see the course in the admin Home > Course Overviews > Course overviews screen

To our knowledge this is the only course we are seeing this issue in.

Is there any other location we should be looking for issues in the logs?

Is there a way to manually (from the command line using tutor) export the course as a .tar.gz so that we can then re-create the course?

Or, other options?

Note: the course is still accessible in LMS but, our team is unable to make edits to the course because we can not access it in CMS.

Thanks in advance!