Do you use the Honor Code Certificate feature?

Hi all - looking for some quick feedback from any folks who are currently using the Honor Code Certificate feature in your courses. If this is a feature you use, can you reply in this thread? Would love to hear more about how you’re using it. Thanks!

We’re using it on our instance as a replacement for free certificates that were once available for audit courses. It’s useful in our free courses where users who cannot afford paid courses have requested some kind of proof that they passed a course or finished it. It’s also a requirement from our partners. All users registered in these courses are registered as honor students.

We also use verified certificates for courses where we charge a certain amount in order to receive a certificate or in combination with access to content only available to paid users. In these courses, audit users do not receive a certificate as it is only available to paid customers.


Similar to @sambapete’s comment, we use the Honor Mode to allow certificates.


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It is a bit cumbersome to configure but it is indeed used by many of the organizations we work with as they need a way to provide proof of completion for most learners who are not behind any paywall or id verification.


Likewise, we use honor certificates for some courses.

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We too use it in same manner. To provide certs for free courses.

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Yes, As Pete’s coworker, I can add more information on the context of use of Honor certificate :

  • Our Honor courses are free of access and the certificate is also available for free based on a grade.
  • About a fourth of our courses are in Honor certificate mode, for many different reasons
  • Honor certificates attract new international learners to our platform, and gets them some way to prove their new knowledge.
  • Honor certificates are good way to share university-level knowledge worldwide, to make the world a better place
  • Some funds to create courses are conditional to their availability for free forever, so Honor mode answers that need.

Thanks for asking the users about the features currently used, it’s a breath of fresh air.