Does Open edX run local host on Mac?

Does Open EDX runs local host on Mac?

You can run Open edX on a Mac, but you’ll have to run it inside a docker container or linux VM. The easiest way would be to use Tutor along with Docker for Mac.

Hi Braden,

First of all, thank you very much for your fast response. I really appreciate it. Are you able to give the steps or join in a call to help?

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  1. Install Docker on your Mac
  2. Increase its RAM to 4+ GB
  3. Follow Quickstart (1-click install) — Tutor documentation

Thank you very much

Hey Braden,

Sorry to disturb you, but if you can please take a look:

Error: Command failed with status 1: docker-compose -f /Users/eduardokruelmabbookpro2021/Library/Application Support/tutor/env/local/docker-compose.yml -f /Users/eduardokruelmabbookpro2021/Library/Application Support/tutor/env/local/ -f /Users/eduardokruelmabbookpro2021/Library/Application Support/tutor/env/local/docker-compose.tmp.yml --project-name tutor_local -f /Users/eduardokruelmabbookpro2021/Library/Application Support/tutor/env/local/ -f /Users/eduardokruelmabbookpro2021/Library/Application Support/tutor/env/local/ run --rm mysql-job sh -e -c echo “Initialising MySQL…”



until mysql -u root --password=“Ra0to6DX” --host “mysql” --port 3306 -e ‘exit’


mysql_connection_attempt=$(expr $mysql_connection_attempt + 1)

echo " [$mysql_connection_attempt/$mysql_connection_max_attempts] Waiting for MySQL service (this may take a while)…"

if [ $mysql_connection_attempt -eq $mysql_connection_max_attempts ]


echo “MySQL initialisation error” 1>&2

exit 1


sleep 10


echo “MySQL is up and running”

edx-platform database

mysql -u root --password=“Ra0to6DX” --host “mysql” --port 3306 -e “CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS openedx;”

mysql -u root --password=“Ra0to6DX” --host “mysql” --port 3306 -e “CREATE USER IF NOT EXISTS ‘openedx’;”

mysql -u root --password=“Ra0to6DX” --host “mysql” --port 3306 -e “ALTER USER ‘openedx’@’%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘pnOO3Jjz’;”

mysql -u root --password=“Ra0to6DX” --host “mysql” --port 3306 -e “GRANT ALL ON openedx.* TO ‘openedx’@’%’;”

We got it. cache problem. Thanks, man!

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@Eduardo_Kruel I am also having the same problem with a new installation.
How did you solve this problem?

Hey there. My developer send me all the steps that we did. I hope it helps you :wink: This is the link for Tutor documentation: Local deployment — Tutor documentation


- Homebrew
- if not installed:
/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”
- make
- make -v
- if not installed:
- install xCode → AppStore
- brew install make
- Python 3.8
- pip --version
- if not installed:
xcode-select --install
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install --upgrade pip
- python --version
- if not installed:
xcode-select --install
brew install python3
- Docker
- docker --version
- if not installed:

- docker-compose
    - docker-compose --version
        - if not installed:
            pip install docker-compose

- pip install “tutor[full]”

- tutor local quickstart

If the system asks try this

If “pip” is not found try “pip3”

Thank you for the detailed steps. It turned out to be Docker black magic, the problem was solved after restarting Docker.

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You’re welcome

Does anyone know if this will work on a new Apple silicon M1 Macintosh?

@Tom_Brown Take a look at this thread: Support for ARM64 · Issue #510 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

You will need to do some additional steps.

hello, @Eduardo_Kruel I have the same issue in my mac m1 chip so can u please guide me on how to resolve it?

what kind of steps @uetuluk if u able to tell me so it is very helpful to me.


I am not a developer my friend who did was a former developer. but now with ChatGPT I am working with my current developer and we use it. You will be surprised…