Edx-notes, migration, anonymization and Juniper

I do not have experience with migrating edx-notes data from one version to another version. We only started using it with Ironwood.

I’ve installed juniper.alpha1 twice thus far and each time I noticed that the edx-notes data has not been migrated. I believe the problem is with anonymization of the user_id field.

The data was originally and still is in the v1_note table, but since it is attached to the anonymized user_id, d47e1888286b3489db91e844c718f34d, the same user now becomes 6e5f90b8fc9d1ebe0d870e237e9591ee on the new server and doesn’t get to see his own previous notes.

Is there a way to fix this?

P.S. For test purposes the hostname isn’t the same. Could this be a non issue if my server was physically and logically the same?

P.S.2 I do not want to declare it a bug yet, but it is definitely an annoyance thus far.