Using open response assessment as prerequisite

I’m trying to set up prerequisite subsection for a course. Exam Question Unit 1 is the prerequisite and it’s an open response assessment. If students do not response to the questions, they can’t proceed to Unit 2. However, the setting doesn’t work. Learners are still able to see the content of Unit 2 without completing the question in Exam Question Unit 1.

I set the minimum score 1% and minimum completion 100%, but it doesn’t work.

Does anyone know how to set it up properly? Thanks

Hello @kathytran,

A potential workaround would be to place a “Done/Completion” component in the prerequisite subsection too.

Thanks for the response. I put the Completion component in the prerequisite but it doesn’t work still. Learners are still able to see the next unit content without making the prerequisite as complete.

I guess there should be some kind of setting in the next unit that require the “Mark as complete” to be done. But I don’t know how to set it up…

Hi @kathytran,

I’m sorry that did not work for you.

Before I try suggest anything else, can I confirm that you’re using the Learner view when previewing it? Sometimes people are using the Staff view and therefore see everything.

Yes, learner view. I actually created a new account to test it just as any other learners.

Hi @kathytran,

That’s smart to use a new learner account to confirm, I find much comfort in doing so :slight_smile:

It seems you have a good grip on Studio and Subsection Prerequisites and it must be frustrating that it’s not working. Is this the first time you’re using Subsection Prerequisites on your platform? If yes, you may want to reach out to your Open edX® service partner to double check it’s working correctly.

Have you seen this post? Enable Subsection Prerequisites is not working - #11 by Sateesh_Kumar

Note: For matters of clarity, the Done/Completion component is not needed to make prerequisites subsections work.