Enabling Student Goal-Setting and Instructor Enforcement with Open Source Tools

Hi Team,

In Open edX their a feature called “Weekly Learning Goals”. Here is the documentation.

We are looking for a feature or open-source tool to enable instructors to set goals for their students and enforce the achievement of those goals. With this feature, instructors can set individual or group goals for enrolled students and track their progress toward those goals.

For example, an instructor can set a goal for students to watch a specific number of videos or complete a certain set of exercises in a given timeframe.

The system can then notify students who have not completed the assigned goals via email or other means, enabling instructors to ensure that all students are on track to successfully complete their courses. This feature is particularly useful for online education platforms or learning management systems, where instructors need to keep track of student progress and ensure that students are meeting the required learning objectives.

Please let me know if anyone using this kind of feature and how can i use/enable it in Open edX.


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