Favorite Resources for Dev Learning?

Hi all!

As I’m working on the Intro to Dev course, I’m looking to hear your recommendations for learning resources you’ve used as you’ve learned both basic skills and Open edX concepts. What do you send to new hires? What do you find useful, or have found useful in the past? Here are some example categories:

  • Basic Git
  • Advanced Git
  • Python/Django resources, courses or tutorials
  • Javascript/React resources, courses or tutorials
  • Env tools (docker, venv, nvm) and favorite ways to customize your local env (ex, I use https://starship.rs/ )

Open edX-specific resources

  • Developing plugins with Tutor
  • MFE development
  • Backend development
  • I18n
  • A11y
  • …, and any other guides we have or previous tutorials/talks you’ve liked

Thanks team - I really value your opinions!

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There’s a “Learning Resources” page in the 2u-internal Confluence on this topic that looks like it should be ok to move to the Open edX Confluence, I’m getting confirmation on that. There’s also https://roadmap.sh/ , which serves as a directory and map to a lot of other developer learning resources.

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For git, I use the venerable Pro Git book as both reference and learning tool.

For Javascript, a lot of people tend to use MDN for reference, but there are also tutorials in there.

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Thank you!

Here’s an export of that Learning Resources page:
ENG-Learning Resources-010823-152710.pdf (100.3 KB); I figured I’ll hold off on adding it to the Open edX Confluence until there’s a consensus on whether that’s even the right place for it (vs. a RTD page, etc.). Most of the links are public, but there are a handful of 2u-internal Confluence links.