FBE: What are the differences between Limited-access and Full-access Users?

Hi everyone,
Today I enabled “Feature-based enrollments” on my instance. Thanks to those participating in this post. Now I have a question in front of me, I was unable to find out the answer myself.

When I want to limit course access by user groups, I can choose Restrict access to Enrollment Track Groups and select from audit track users and verified track users.

there is one more option: Restrict access to: Feature-based Enrollments. when I select it, 2 options appear in the form.

  1. Limited-access Users
  2. Full-access Users.

could someone kindly explain the difference between the two groups?
should I manually categorize learners under these two groups or it’s getting done automatically?


From the code for Feature-based enrollments, the grouping is automatic.

  1. If a user is enrolled in the Verified Track they are Full-access user.
  2. If a user is enrolled in the Audit Track, if in the Content Type Gating Admin, for the course the enabled_as_of is set, users who enrolled after this date are Limited-access Users and others are Full-access. Otherwise all Audit Track users are Limited-access.