How to enable feature-based enrollments - FBE

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I’ve been investigating the “Feature based enrollments” FBE, released with Ironwood, but couldn’t find any documentation on how to enable it and how it works. Can anyone point me to some documentation or explain it?

My understanding is that I must add configurations for Content type gating and Course duration limits in the LMS admin. But even after enabling those (for both an organization and specific course), it still shows Is Enabled as false in http://localhost:18000/support/feature_based_enrollments?course_key=course-v1%3AedX%2BDemoX%2BDemo_Course

I’m clearly missing one or more steps here, but I cannot find any specifics on how this work.


@marcotuts, could you please point us to somebody who would be able answer this question?

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I can check tomorrow but I recall also needing v2 of the course blocks api? Perhaps that’s only a mobile app requirement.

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@mulby - any suggestions on docs or next steps for FBE configuration you could share?

MIT would be very interested in this info as well, as we migrate courses to our Residential Open edX instance for MIT students.

Currently we need to do a lot of manual editing of OLX in order to get an export from to import cleanly.

I believe the conditions are as follows:

  • The course has a verified track and an audit track
  • The config models you referenced are enabled and the “enabled_as_of” time is in the past

Relevant code:


I was able to enable it in my master devstack by adding the verified track, so the course has the two required tracks.

That did not work out for an ironwood.2 deployment, where I also had to enable the content_type_gating.debug Waffle flag to get it working.

Thanks a lot everyone!

We’ve been wanting to enable this feature at MIT Open Learning in order to import courses from, but we do not use verified tracks and our default track is “honor” instead of “audit.” We have a Content Type Gating config and a Course Duration Limits config, each with enabled_as_of times set to January 1st, 1980, but if I go to /support/feature_based_enrollments and look up the course, it says “Is Enabled” is false, as you might expect. Do I understand correctly, then, that FBE can not work in our environment?

Hi Mark,

You are correct. To actually use FBE in a course it needs to have both an audit track and verified track: