[FC-0011] Mobile Product Strategy Backlog Development

Hello everyone!

We wanted to provide greater visibility to a new TCRIL funded contribution project focused on mobile product strategy/backlog development (FC-0011). This project aims to develop and present a mobile strategy for the Open edX project that aligns with TCRIL’s mission of providing a teaching and learning platform that is accessible globally, even in limited bandwidth environments.

Below is a bit more detail on project goals. If you are interested in joining project meetings you can join #mobile-product-strategy-fc-0011 to learn more.

You are also welcome to review our initial Confluence notes pages and share comments on those or this Discourse thread. We are planning to meet a few times virtually before the Open edX conference in the coming 2 weeks.

Slack: #mobile-prod-strategy-fc-0011
Confluence: FC-0011 Mobile Product Strategy Backlog Development

Project goals:

1 Product: Deliver a mobile strategy and product roadmap to support investment focus areas over the next two years.
2 Technology: Recommend next steps for technology investment to support accelerated Open edX mobile development speed and increased contributions.
3 Design: Identify experience gaps between the existing Open edX mobile applications and industry leaders in both education and related non-education applications to identify key experience investments.Additionally - As part of our technology exploration we are reviewing iOS and Android mobile applications built by a Raccoon Gang team led by @volodymyr.chekyrta . These applications offer Open edX Kotlin and Swift-based applications we could switch to as a way to accelerate development speed, contributions, and more.