Core Contributor Nomination: Volodymyr Chekyrta

Hello Community Members,

I’m writing to nominate Volodymyr Chekyrta, @volodymyr.chekyrta, the Mobile Lead at RaccoonGang for Core Contributor Status. Volodymyr has been working as the architectural and product lead for the development of a new set of Open edX mobile applications. These applications were developed by RaccoonGang and have been offered as a contribution to the project. The applications represent a robust alternative to the legacy mobile applications, built on a modern technical core and adopting industry accepted design patterns.

Volodymyr has also been a key contributor in getting the Mobile Product Working Group off the ground in the last few months.

This nomination is a little different than others because most of Volodymyr’s work has been in repositories outside of the openedx organization. However, assuming that OEP-0064 is accepted, an outcome of that would be to migrate the existing repositories into the openedx organization.

This nomination proposes making Volodymyr a Code Core Contributor on those repositories at the same time they are migrated so development of those applications can continue as it does today without interruption.

The voting period will be two weeks starting today and ending on 7/28.


I’m in favor of both OEP-64 and this nomination. I look forward to a new chapter in mobile development.

I reviewed OEP-64 and browsed the repositories for the new apps. I think the 3 Cs have been demonstrated by Volodymyr sufficiently in his work on those repos. I vote yes.

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Given the large and important contribution that the mobile application represents, that this application has been reviewed and accepted by the project, and given the need to keep maintaining the application, it makes perfect sense to accept @volodymyr.chekyrta as core contributor. :+1:

I assume @volodymyr.chekyrta that you will also become the maintainer of the mobile applications being contributed?

Looking forward to the modernization of Open edX mobile!

And, of course, +1 for Volodymyr as CC. Had some fun reading Kotlin code for the first time, and the OEP-64 PR looks great!

Here here… Huge thanks to RacoonGang for putting in the effort here, and contributing the code back to Open edX!

And absolutely, @volodymyr.chekyrta gets my :+1: for core contributor. Fantastic work!

Big yes from me :+1:

Sorry for the delayed follow up. Volodymyr’s nomination has been approved with six (6) yes votes and no objections.

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Certainly, this is my primary objective.

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