Flow-control-xblock - Need help on setting this up

Good day.
What I want to achieve
I am exploring to use flow-control module (flow-control-xblock) to only allow learner to move to Module Review unit after completing a quiz defined in Module Assessment unit based on the course structure:

Course Example 1 (Section)
++ Module 1 (sub-section)
+++ Module Video (unit)
+++ Module Assessment (unit) - with 1 “Problem” Component"
+++ Module Review (unit)

What I have done

  1. Added “flow-control” module to the course in the Course’s Advanced Settings

  2. Created “Flow Control” Component after the “Problem” component in Module Assessment with the following values:

Flow Control Setting

  • Flow Control Condition = Grade Of A Problem
  • Problem ID = xxxx
  • Comparison Type = greater than
  • Score Percentage = 0
  • Action = Redirect using jump_to_id
  • Unit Identifier - ID(Module Review)
  1. I deliberately left the Quiz un-answered and click Next, I was able to move to the next Unit (which is the Module Review unit)
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Welcome to open edX Glenn!

Have you looked at the built-in prerequisite feature? I think it might do everything you need and may be simpler than using flow-control-xblock.

Perhaps it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but do have a look at problem-builder, especially the step-builder component.

Hi @Glenn_workspace,

I’m Diego Millan, Software Engineer at eduNEXT and flow-control-xblock designer/developer.

As you can see from the flow-control-xblock documentation; we should:

Include the Flow Control component in the content unit you want to control access to, and follow these steps on “settings”.

That being said, your flow control component should be defined within unit B (the one with restricted content). Furthermore, your use case would match:

  • Only allow the learner to see unit B when a problem in unit A has been answered, otherwise redirecting to unit A.

A would be: Module Assessment (unit) - with 1 “Problem” Component"
B would be: Module Review (unit)

I would use the following settings:

  • Flow Control Condition = Grade Of A Problem
  • Problem ID = xxxxxx (Graded Problem Component within unit A)
  • Comparison Type = Not equal to
  • Score Percentage = 100
  • Action = Redirect using jump_to_id or redirect using tab number (this does not reload the page)
  • Unit Identifier - Unit ID or tab number related to unit A.

Instead of: