Getting error upon instance creation

Following the steps to create my Open EdX instance but getting this error:
Authentication failed due to invalid credentials with SASL Mechanism PLAIN.
Can anyone help?

@rudler, from the error message that you have mentioned, it looks like you are seeing this when your instance tries to send an email. Can you confirm if this is correct? Also, can you provide more details on your email setup and the configuration you are using?

You can specify the configuration for your SMTP server by overridding the EDXAPP_EMAIL_* Ansible variables in your config.yml file if you are following the instructions here to perform a native Open edX installation on Ubuntu 16.04. You will have to specify the right values for all these variables for outgoing email to work. If you are using an external SMTP service, please get in touch with them to find out the correct configuration values to use.

Alternatively, if you would like to use a local Postfix server to instantaneously queue up outgoing emails and let it handle sending outgoing emails via the configured SMTP service, you can use the postfix_queue role present in the edx/configuration repository by overriding the Ansible variables defined here.

Please try these out and let us know if it worked.

No, actually, I’m following the instructions from to create a free trial of an Open edX instance.

The page doesn’t have instructions to create an instance. Can you provide more details about where you have created a trial instance, how you have configured it and when/where you are seeing this error?