Installing an instance of Open edX


I am new to OpenEdx and I’m curretly trying to install an instance. Sadly I’ve run into some issues. I followed the guide: but when I reach step 5 of the installation I get an error that it failed. I tried to upload the log file but it seems that new users cannot do it… also I can’t put in below because it’s too many characters…

If anyone is able to help me, then I’d really appreciate it.

Hello @mkrzyzanek and welcome to the community,
you have to start installation on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. If you did so, please paste the output log in pastebin or a github gist and share the link here.

Hello @mahyard, thank you for your reply. Here I pasted logs from my installation:

sorry for my late answer,
looks like that there is a problem with RabbitMQ on your system. Again I have to ask and make sure that you chose a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for the installation. did you?
Are you able to troubleshoot and fix the issue with RabbitMQ service on your server? then you can run the installation script from the beginning and it will continue to set up your system.
the other method could be restarting from the OS installation and retry installing Open edX. This time you may be lucky.

Yes, I am using fresh Ubuntu 16.04 for the installation. I noticed the issue with RabbitMQ but I am unable to troubleshoot it because I can’t really get any significant error message.

Open edX installation automated by ansible. but you don’t have to limit yourself by it. try to start RabbitMQ manually by running:

sudo service rabbitmq-server start

and check for probable error messages in Ubuntu log files.

sudo service rabbitmq-server start
`Job for rabbitmq-server.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status rabbitmq-server.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.`

Also there are no log files at /var/log/rabbitmq

you have to ask from an expert to help you,
you can still try to start from scratch and see if you are lucky this time.
in many cases this approach can really save your time.