Getting started with Open edX platform on cloud

Hello great open edX community.

Well, to begin with my name is Sujit Patel. I am from India and I am part time teacher. I have always dreamed (only) to reach more students in the digital era until a day when my friend recommended me to take a look at edX platform and I feel this dream can now be reality with edX.

Having said that ever since I came to know of this platform I did keep coming to the site taking courses like demoX studioX and all this is so exciting. I feel I am ready to get my own app/online space to share my knowledge to those who are in need. However the real problem is I have no idea how can I set it up. I have anyways gone through many documentation that’s available but the more I read more I get overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to buy domain how to set up cloud etc. I have learned those. I can use bitnami to set up instance. But I am scared what if I go wrong what if I do not select right options or what if I miss out some steps. So I am looking for a guiding light where someone can briefly explain what comes after what and how do I get edX in production stage. I will really be greatful if someone can assist me on this right from buying domain to the product stage.

Just so that you know for the idea of making free courses to the student in need, it is highly impossible for me to hire entire team and spend a lot on it. This is the project out of hobby and I do not mind in learning new things and do diy. I anyways prefer doing some diy and learning things on internet in my spare time. It’s just little complex to crack the sequence and there are lot of Information available so hope this is valid questions and many others would be benefited with this post.

Hi @Selli! And welcome to Open edX :slight_smile: Software in general, and Open edX in particular can be overwhelming. That’s OK, because it’s just software! It’s not like a rocket is going to blow up or a bridge is going to collapse. Feel free to try things, trash them and start again! The community can help you, but you need to try things on your own, tell us what you tried and what, if anything, went wrong.

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