GitHub Admin Rights

@antoviaque Pulling this comment into a separate thread. The comment for context:

Btw, a nice action and gesture about the admin permissions would be to also assign it to some community members who aren’t members of tCRIL? Would it be useful if I nominate @Felipe and @pdpinch for it, for example? :slight_smile: It could further signal and establish within the project that the privileges are not not purely based on the org someone belongs to, but on trust & merit?

I’d like to know a bit more about what problem this would solve and why it’s important.

As some initial input, there are certain services that I think that tCRIL does and must provide to the overall community, things like CLA management, owning certain accounts, like GitHub, etc. In some cases we fund the services. tCRIL is accountable and responsible for those services in a different way than other community members, we hold the registration, provided the credit card details, etc.

I think we could potentially develop a way of sharing those services, and the related access, but I think it would be messy, and I question the value relative to other places we might spend our time.

If this is a blocker for anyone, I’d love to understand that better.

@e0d It’s not an issue to me at least – more of a suggestion to display additional trust and openness, or to clarify what permissions can be attributed, and to whom. It’s perfectly reasonable for tCRIL to maintain its own set of permissions.

While we were reviewing the admin rights as CCs, I was trying to figure out what the right criteria for our core contributors reviews are – besides reviewing the skill level, the level of trust seem to be the important point. Because I would probably trust by default a tCRIL member even if I don’t know them, knowing they have been selected by the other tCRIL members, I don’t need much to review and approve a tCRIL member in a review thread. It made me realize that, besides tCRIL members, there would would actually be a few members of the community that I would trust and approve too, which is what I commented about.

But if the permission isn’t well suited to sharing with people outside of tCRIL, it’s probably not worth the trouble to change things for that. This is why that was just a question – there isn’t a concrete need, besides clarifying what is ok, and what isn’t.